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23 Dec 2014
Scotland's planning authorities receive scores of windfarm bids

19 December 2014
LETTER ñ A second chance to secure a Minch inter-connector?

09 December 2014
A Long Trip from New Zealand ends in the Harris Hills

07 December 2014

Point Power blasts ahead into new era

03 December 2014

South Uist energy business offers free turbine and electricity to crofters and landowners throughout isles

30 November 2014

Windfarm Windfall

20 November 2014
Committee seeks answers on islands grid connection

12 November 2014

Fresh plans for Stornoway wind farm

GDF Suez agrees PPA with community wind project

02 November 2014
Harnessing wind power for the benefit of all

30 October 2014
Wind turbines kill more birds of prey than shooting or poisoningí

29 Oct 2014
Wind turbines have killed more birds of prey than persecution this year

24 October 2014

Santander to invest millions in community-run renewables project

22 October 2014

Renewable Energy In The Outer Hebrides

10 October 2014

Anger as Uist community wind turbine scheme is rejected

Energy giants 'should be barred from infrastructure decisions'

06 Oct 2014
SIS invests in the largest community owned energy project in uk

UK's largest community wind farm receives £11m funding support

October 3, 2014

Statement from Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust

3 October 2014

Wind farm developer quits Hebridean scheme

Statement from Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust
(regarding GDF Suez withdrawal from Eisken Windfarm)

2 October 2014

Wind farm developer abandons £200m island scheme after delays

Lewis wind farm backer pulls out over cable delay

Developer pulls out of £200 million windfarm

MoD stops croft wind turbines

Wind farm developer quits Hebridean scheme

Agenda: Wind farm investment initiatives that are blowing nothing but good

Western Isles wind turbine boosts local trust

26 September 2014

Cleared for launch

September 24 2014

Industry wants isles connected by 2020

Call for moratorium on Outer Hebrides designations

Plea to improve grid connections to Scots islands

September 23 2014
Plea over island grid connections

September 22 2014
Island wind farm work starts

Second go at island ballot is announced

September 17 2014
Point and Sandwick Wind Farm achieves financial close

Island wind farm work starts

September 16 2014
Funding agreed for UK's largest community wind farm

Big News for Scotland ñ Western Isles Community owned-wind turbines will reach 19.5megawatts

14 September 2014

False claims on interconnector

September 11 2014
Members sought for Western Isles Development Trust

August 27 2014
Community-owned wind farm to help create new jobs in Western Isles

Windfall to boost Harris Tweed industry

August 25 2014
Subsea cable woes threaten renewables industry, insurance broker says

27 June 2014
FIM offloads Arnish moor

26 June 2014
Crunch Talks on Island Grid

Delivery forum for Islands energy today

Talks on Scottish isles' renewable energy grid links

Step forward for island energy interconnectors

13 June 2014

The Highland Line: how South Uist's wind farm is now making real money for its community

12 June 2014
Ministry of Defence overturns wind turbine decisions

MoD block Western Isles wind farm plans

Uist wind turbine decisions overturned

2 April 2014
Jobs claim is exaggerated

31 March 2014
Doubt over isles green power cable must end

Deadlock threat to energy revolution on islands

15 March 2014

Ministry of Defence launches wind farm court fight, Scotsman

05 March 2014
Islands Grid Summit aims to boost renewable development

28 February 2014
Momentum gathers for Western Isles Interconnector

26 February 2014
Upbeat messages from sub-sea cable summit

Catch-22 situation over sub-sea cable

24 February 2014
Energy Minister hopeful of grid progress

17 February 2014
Galson turbine handover

16 February 2014
Energy Minister visits Stornoway

15 February 2014
Windfarm scheme delayed after developer withdraws funding bid

Press and journal

10 February 2014
Comhairle blamed over turbines court case

6 February 2014
Monan windfarm to go ahead

2 February 2014
London paving the way for Isles energy switch?

14 January 2014
Barra turbine could be one of most productive in Western Europe

9 January 2014
Paving the way for energy development: Stornoway Wind Farm accepts grid offer


Stornoway Wind Farm gets grid connection offer

6 January 2014
Prospects brighten for islands as energy price plan gets green light

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