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22 December 2013

Arnish Moor Wind Cluster - FOR SALE!

19 December 2013
UK splits enabling herd

Scottish Island Renewables - Update report

Four-year delay for power plan

18 December 2013
Sub-sea energy cable stalled    

Western Isles subsea cable plan suffers setback

Fresh delays hit Western Isles subsea cable plan

Western Isles MSP welcomes Islands Energy Summit

Powwow on Scottish island fears

Summit planned to secure islands energy future

Island councils' leaders announce summit on future energy plans

High level summit for island windfarm crisis

Scotland's islands set to face 'grotesque' energy discrimination says MSP Fergus Ewing

Hebrides link stalled until 2019

17 December 2013
SHE Transmission – Western Isles Transmission Connection

SHE Transmission – Western Isles Transmission Connection

Grid charges delay hits island windfarms    

12 December 2013

Isles' interconnector project under threat

Projects summary (December 2013):

Arnish Moor windcluster - FOR SALE!

SSE Subsea-cable - at 6/12/2013

Between 18th September and 30th October 2013, the UK government ran a consultation considering the price for renewables projects on the Scottish islands. The results are awaited. In the interim the UK govermnet has published it's proposals for renwables support nationally which suggest that island windfarms will receive £115 £/MWh. This figure is short of the £140 £/MWhr that the islands consultation proposed was necessary to facilitate construction of the interconnector. (See Consultation on additional support for Scottish Islands renewables: Impact Assessment. Option 3. Paragraph 51. Available from the link below.)

The DECC and Scottish government have issued the final report (15/05/2013) on their investigation into the cost effectiveness of the grid upgrades required to service windfarms on the islands. Energy secretary Ed Davey said the report "marks a considerable step in progress towards making decisions" on renewable on the Scottish Islands but added that "it's vital that projects represent value for money for the consumer".

Report on the evidence base for developing renewables projects on the Scottish Islands

Scottish Islands Renewables Project: Final Report (15/05/2013)

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission have issued an update on grid developments accross Scotland including the Western Isles (22/12/2012):

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission: Projects Review

In November 2012 Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission made the following announcment:

"Following an assurance on the programme for development of large generation schemes in March this year, SHE Transmission advanced detailed contractual negotiation with the preferred supplier of the HVDC Link. The first stage of this negotiation concluded in late summer and it became clear that the cost and delivery programme agreed in October 2010 would be substantially altered. The total cost of the HVDC Link (excluding associated infrastructure on Lewis) is now estimated to be no less than £700 million. The current programme estimates a delay in the planned completion date of October 2015 for the HVDC Link of at least 12 months with a real potential it could be later. Further negotiations with the supplier are ongoing."

The full statement can be downloaded at the following address:

2012 - It has been annonced the the company who has bought the rights to the Muaitheabhal windfarm, International Power part of French global company GDF-Suez, will initially underwrite the costs of the interconnector. Previously SSE said its national grid operator subsiduary SHETL has:

"concluded that the lack of financial underwriting from electricity generators (attributed to the level of transmission charges) relating to the link from the Western Isles to the mainland meant it would not be able to conclude a contract for the supply of the necessary electricity cable. As a result, it withdrew its request to Ofgem for authorisation to make the investment. It will, however, prepare a new request for authorisation to invest in the link as soon as these issues are resolved. In practice, this is likely to take at least one year.


December 2012. A Hebrides News article reports that SSE PLC have sold their interest in the Pairc Windfarm to International Power, owners of the neighboring Muaithebhal Windfarm.

On August 8th 2012 Scottish and Southern Energy announced that they were withdrawing their interest in the Pairc Windfarm due to environmental constraints, stating:

We still believe that there is potential to develop a wind farm with fewer turbines on the Pairc Estate. We are exploring opportunities to transfer interests to another developer.

However the application is still listed on the Scottish Government website as a live application by SSE PLC for a 250MW windfarm:

In the documentation issued by the Scottish Government in connection with the Stornoway Windfarm consent( 7 September 2012), the Scottish Government has written:
"The Pairc application is on hold pending information from the applicant (Scottish and Southern Energy) on whether it wishes to proceed with the application..."

However, despite the still being listed as a live application, the Pairc Windfarm is no longer being included in cumulative impact assessments for windfarms on the Western Isles. And it is apparent that the Stornoway Windfarm consent has been contingent on excluding the estimated impacts of Pairc Windfarm:

"...However, if Pairc wind farm were to be included in the cumulative assessment it could not be ascertained that the combined effect of both Stornoway and Pairc would not adversely affect the integrity of the Lewis Peatlands SPA. Pairc wind farm contributes nearly 50% of the total predicted collision mortality of Golden eagle as indicated in the table above.

Should Pairc proceed to determination, this will require a new Appropriate Assessment and cumulative collision mortality assessment from all proposed and consented wind farms in the Western Isles Natural Heritage Zone (NHZ) including both Stornoway and Pairc."

Both Stornoway Wind Power and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar previously lobbied for the Pairc SSE application to be disregarded in future considerations of the cumulative impacts of windfarm projects on Lewis and Harris.

The original application by SSE PLC to build a 205 MW windfarm on Pairc Estate, Isle of Lewis, was put before Comhairle nan Eilean Siar in 2007.  It was decided to recommend that the Scottish Ministers approve only 26 of turbines.  Scottish and Southern Energy submitted an ammended application to build a 26 turbine (94 MW) windfarm on Pairc Estate in Feb 2009.  This application was recommended for approval by the Comhairle nan Eilean Siar planning committee on 21 April 2009.

NEW APPLICATION: Druim Leathann Windfarm (Approved)

26 November 2013: Comhairle nan Eilean Siar have approved the application against the recommendation of the planning officers.

Druim Leathann Windfarm Ltd, a subsiduary of Vision Renewables Holdings LLP (https://www.duedil.com/company/SO302844/vision-renewables-holdings-llp) has submitted an application to errect 14 wind turbines (up to 126.5m to blade tip and maximum combined output of 42MW) and install associated infrastructure immediately to the east of Tolsta. During working hours the application and environmental impact assessment can be downloaded from the Comhairle nan Eilean Siar website:

We are concerned that the planning application has been submitted prematurely and with insufficient information to allow it to de determined.  More importantly the layout proposed appears to be an attempt to squeeze the maximum number of turbines into the small space available between the village and the boundary of the Lewis Peatlands SPA/SAC. Despite Scottish Government guidelines that a seperation distance of 2km is desirable between properties and large turbines, Druim Leathann Windfarm Ltd are proposing to errect turbines only just over a km from houses.

NEW PROPOSAL: MUAITHEABHAL WINDFARM South Extension - (Previous applications consented 8 December 2011) (Approval recommended)

26 November 2013: Comhairle nan Eilean Siar have recommended approval of the application, although scaled down to 6  turbines. The Scottish Government will determine the application.

In May 2012 it was revealed that Eishken Estate owner Nicholas Oppenheim investigating a further extension to the windfarm on the Eishken estate under the name Uisinis Power. This time to the south and east of Loch Sealg with current documentation discussing up to 30 turbines. He previoulsy announced that he had been successful in selling the rights to the previously consented Muaitheabhal Windfarm and Muaitheabhal East Extension to International Power part of French global company GDF-Suez.  

28th December 2010: The Scottish Government issued a press release announcing that it had approved the 6 turbine, 21MW extension to the Muaitheabhal Windfarm (118MW, 33 turbines see below). The proposed extension turbines will be 150m high to blade tip, some of the largest onshore turbines proposed in the UK.  

The decision notice can be downloaded from the government website at: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/Doc/917/0123862.pdf

The link to the site map also links to the decision notice but a  a map showing the proposed layout from the application is on the Mauaitheabhal page (menu left).

14 January 2010:  The Scottish Government announced that it had given planing consent for 33 turbines to be built on the Eishken Estate. These are the turbines that were proposed in the last application by Beinn Mor and Crionaig Power in August.

BEINN MHOLACH A.K.A Pentland Road Windfarm  - Operational

Pentland Road Windfarm is now under construction.

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar approved this, the first windfarm on the Lewis Peatlands Special Protection Area. The 6 turbine project was first aproved in 2003 amidst great controversy when Scottish Natural Heritage withdrew their objection, following a one day inspection by SNH officers, which they claimed allowed them to conclude that the windfarm would not impact on the interests of the SPA.  This was following a catalogue of complaints after the developers had already manifestly failed to conform to SNH's own guidelines for Environmentalk Impact Assesments, compalints which neither SNH or the plannning authorities upheld. The application was then called in following objections from the aviation industry and was potentially heading for Public Inquiry when a suprise announcement was made this year that the aviation issues had been resolved.  The details have not yet been made public.


The Scottish Government has anounced that it has consented the Stornoway Windfarm - 7 September 2012.

Following the removal of 6 turbines along the boundary of the SPA, both RSPB and SNH withdrew their objections. However this was contingent on the Pairc windfarm being excluded from the cumulative impact assessment to prevent unacceptable impacts.

Previously LWP submitted an application to build a 42 turbine windfarm south of Stornoway, to the west of the Lochs Road. A non-technical summary can be downloaded from their website:

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar considered the application prior to the 2012 election.


Lewis Infrastructure event information

Consultation on additional support for island renewables : UPDATE REPORT

Scottish Islands Renewables Project: Final Report


October 2007 - The Scottish national campaign group Views of Scotland have published two reports on the Lewis windfarms for the SNP Conference.  

"Carbon savings and wind power on Lewis" provides an analysis of the CO2 emissions that could be offset by the schemes, from the developers claims through to scenarios taking account of potential CO2 emissions from degraded peat disturbed by the developments.

"Public attitudes to wind power on Lewis" brings together the results of the measures of public opinion which have been undertaken on the island from the first survey by the North Lewis windfarm Survey Group to the recent Pairc Community Council Ballot, as well as the number of objections to each proposal.

Download both reports at: http://www.viewsofscotland.org/snp_conference/

MWT would like to express our thanks to Views of Scotland for their support !

5 December 2013
MP welcomes progress on electricity charging in islands


4 December 2013
UK Gov fails to recognise Scotland's islands on energy strike price

Scotland frustrated over islands

Investing in renewable technologies – CfD contract terms and strike prices


1 December 2013
Windfarms wait for energy subsidy announcement  

30 November 2013

Two faces of the council   


29 November 2013
Windfarm cash frozen by community fund legal omission

27 November 2013

£70m wind farm on Lewis given planning permission to be built

Velocita wins all clear on Lewis

Comhairle approves North Tolsta 14-turbine wind farm

Windfarm scaled down to save eagles     

26 November 2013
Comhairle grant planning for 14 Tolsta wind turbines

People power wins windfarm approval

25 November 2013
Large windfarm recommended for refusal

23 November 2013
Islanders spurn hostile route in buyout battle

23 November 2013
Pairc community votes to pursue amicable land buyout

20 November 2013

Comhairle approves North Uist Windfarm opposed by MOD

12 November 2013

Allan urges fair deal for island renewables

15 October 2013
Windfarm subsidy plans to rack up loss of £700million

19 September 2013
First Galson wind turbine is installed

18 September 2013
Additional support for Scottish island renewables

17 September 2013
Windfarm developers crunch subsidy numbers

Higher subsidy for island windfarms is “not value for money”  

Fair winds blow Galson on course

16 September 2013
Lewis energy firm wins funding to develop wave technology

Cash incentive to build more turbines on Scottish islands

15 September 2013
Aquamarine plan to secure further investment    

Davey boosts Scottish island wind

Scottish islands wind power subsidy confirmed

Remote Scottish windfarms to receive guaranteed price for their electricity

14 September 2013
Conference explores marine energy future

Point and Sandwick windfarm fill key post

13 September 2013
MSP contacts Defence Secretary over wind turbine objections

12 September 2013
Allan contacts defence secretary over wind turbine objections

10 September 2013
First steps towards island energy plan

6 September 2013
Green bank loan for sub-sea cable?

Interconnector funding

4 September 2013
Council blunder means community benefit cash is frozen

29 August 2013

Overland power lines to link Minch Interconnector

25 July 2013

Eishken windfarm could kill 23 eagles warns RSPB

19 July 2013
Enlarged wind farm will slaughter eagles says wildlife trust ~

18 July 2013
Trust lodges objection to island wind farm extension

4 July 2013

Macneil urges speedy ping-pong cable resolution

1 July 2013

More details sought on Western Isles subsea cable

28 June 2013
OFGEM setback for Hebrides link

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Welcome Renewable Strike Prices Announcements

Special subsidy to encourage giant windfarms

OFGEM setback for Hebrides link

Setback for sub-sea interconnector ~

Let's not martyr the white-throated needletail to the anti-wind cause

27 June 2013

Birdwatchers see rare white-throated needletail fly into turbine on Harris

Islands energy announcement a victory for Scotland

Islands energy announcement a ëvictory for Scotlandí - Local Headlines - Stornoway Gazette

Scottish islands win CfD support

26 June 2013
Wind monitoring masts for Stornoway Wind Farm project

New wind farm plans slashed by half

Sub-sea energy cable hangs in the balance

25 June 2013
£15,000 for Lewis buyout study

Allan welcomes interconnector progress

23 June 2013
Connecting the islands

20 June 2013
Spotlight on reinvesting community turbine profits

18 June 2013
£1.6 million bank deal for community turbine

16 June 2013
Fast-track demand to build Minch sub-sea cable

13 June 2013

Western Isles community wind farm project in £1m lottery boost

Point and Sandwick Development receive £1m for community windfarm project

Case made for £780m Western Isles subsea cable

Comhairle Welcomes Needs Case Submission But Time Of The Essence

Grid operator backs Minch sub-sea cable

4 June 2013

Anger at MoD blocking wind turbines on Uist ~

27 May 2013
Problems with South Uist windfarm

25 May 2013
Concerns over interconnector

23 May 2013
Urgent need for sub-sea cable says council

22 May 2013

Q&A: 'Crucial' cable for Western Isles green energy

Scotland warned independence could cost billions in renewable Subsidies

Aquamarine Power secures full consent for 40MW Lewis wave energy farm

Worldís biggest wave farm for Lewis gains planning

Ministers approve plans for world's biggest wave farm in Western Isles

World's biggest wave energy farm off Lewis gets go-ahead

18 May 2013

Allan comments on energy ministerís speech on electricity markets

The Highland Line: is the green sun in danger of setting for good?

17 May 2013
Interconnector Blow

16 May 2013

Fears sub-sea cable may never be built   

15 May 2013
SHE Transmission welcomes publication of Scottish Islands Renewable Report

Island windfarms halted for four years   

Scottish island renewables face "considerable" cost barriers

Scottish islands set for renewable jobs boost 'if challenges overcome'

Report on the evidence base for developing renewables projects on the Scottish Islands

Scottish Islands Renewables Project: Final Report

Green energy could bring 10,000 to islands - study

10000 jobs could come from islands renewable energy projects

Comhairle: Urgent need to press ahead with sub-sea cable  

Local Labour wants to see the papers on sub-sea cable

Progress on Scottish Island renewables

Report Welcome But Action Needed Now

14 May 2013
Stornoway Wind Farm submits grid application

Comhairle plans cheaper electricity for islanders

12 May 2013

Tolsta turbine  

9 May 2013

Subsea cable report kicked into next week

8 May 2013

Further delay for subsea cable report

7 May 2013

Sub-sea cable deadline missed

3 May 2013

Energy cable deadline row

MSPs in fight for interconnector

Comhairle Welcomes Interconnector Debate

2 May 2013

Wind turbines power sewage works

1 May 2013

Firm wants to build £70m isles turbines

30 April 2013

Plan for £70 million wind farm lodged

3 April 2013

Storas Uist completes Scotland's largest community owned windfarm

25 March 2013

Windfarm built after 11 years

Clash of nature

Subsea cable delay could take years

24 March 2013

SSE pushed for update on Western Isles

Row over two wind farms in view of standing stones

6 March 2013

Callanish Stones ruling risks community development

4 March 2013

Row over two wind farms in view of standing stones

15 February 2013

Jones Bros wins trio of wind farm contracts

11 February 2013

Government blocks turbines in view of Callanish Stones

4 February 2013

Unfair energy export charges prompts study

Consultants to look at the renewable energy potential of the islands

28 January 2013

Kirkabost Windfarm planning decision

20 January 2013

No start date for stalled sub-sea energy cable

18 January 2013

Uncertainty over Western Isles cable 'disappointing'

17 January 2013

Western Isles subsea cable work could begin in summer

11 January 2013

Hebrides Range Task Force challenges MoD on turbines

Pentland Road Wind Farm in Construction

22 December 2012

SSE urged to meet ministers over cable

21 December 2012

Affordability question over Lewis sub-sea cable

Wave farm plans are axed

20 December 2012
Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission: Projects Review

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