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Small company logo:
What would the world be
once bereft of wet and wildness?
Let them be left, O let them be left.
Wildness and wet,
long live the wilds and wilderness yet.
Gerard Manley Hopkins

(Engraved on granite in the wall of the new Scottish Parliament)

Cluinnidh am bodhar fuaim an airgid.
The deaf will hear the clink of money.

Faodar an t-òr fhèin a cheannach tuilleadh is daor.
Gold itself may be too dearly bought.

Formed at the 2002 Perth Conference on Renewable Energy, and campaigning for better long term planning in the development of renewable energy technologies.
News and useful resources
Caithness windfarm Information Forum campaigning to preserve the environment and landscape of north east Scotland.  CWIF have also compiled an excellent record of accidents and safety incidents involving wind turbines, see "Accident Statistics".
Campaigning to save the landscapes of Skye, and also suspicious of plans to build a 400kV line to link to that area.
Offshore not onshore
A national campaigning organisation dedicated to halting the systematic destruction of Scotland's priceless wild landscapes by the wind-power industry.
A UK wide campaign to oppose wind turbines in Britain's precious landscapes, and promote energy conservation.
Campaign group opposed to proposed development of major overhead power lines from Ullapool to Beauly
Lewis Wind Power Ltd, who have submitted a planning application to the Scottish Executive for permission to build the world’s largest onshore wind farm on North Lewis
Marton, Askam and Ireleth are neighbouring villages located in the south of Cumbria just outside the Lake District National Park, who have four windfarms within a radius of less than 10 kilometres from their villages
The RSPB is the UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds and wildlife
Dorset Against Rural Turbines campaign website
Details of the campaign against the Wind Power Station which has now opened in Mid Wales

Contains details of a very interesting wave energy project
Exposing the dirty tricks of the wind 'industry' throughout the UK
Campaign against the Beauly - Denny power line
Ladymoor Wind Factory Action Group
Link to their objection to the Lewis Wind Power application
Campaign to stop wind turbines being erected at Marshland St James, Norfolk
Stonewall Hill Conservation Group

Make your own noise! (noise nuisance register)

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